Hiking Boots

Hiking Boots, Trail and Running Shoes

We at The Warming House believe that boots are the most important piece of gear you will ever purchase. We have built a reputation on selling high quality leather boots and we would not sell a boot that we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

The outdoor industry works hard to promote lightweight, junky, sneaker-style  footwear. Don’t fall for this. A solid, over-the-ankle boot may weigh slightly more, but there is no comparison to the protection it will give your feet, ankles and joints.

Boot Fitting

Just because a boot is right for one person doesn’t mean it’s right for another. Feet are different. When you’re ready for your next trip, come and see us and we will fit you with the boots that are right for your feet. If you have favorite socks or wear an orthotic, bring them. We carry sizes up to 17, widths and bunion boots and shoes.


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The Boot of Choice

As far as we’re concerned the German-made Lowa Baffin Pro full leather boot is the best boot on the planet.

It is slightly taller which makes snugging it around the ankle much easier and more comfortable. There is a rand around the base and toe box for durability and protection. Although this is a heavy-duty boot, it has surprising flexibility across the toe box and seldom has a difficult break-in. We can’t say enough about the mid-sole which protects the feet.

This is the boot of choice for The Warming House staff. I have over 2,000 miles on each of my two pairs, both of which have been resoled and are ready to go again. My boots are so comfortable that I wear them to church.