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Backpacking in RMNP 2016-11-19T21:19:40+00:00

1. We highly suggest getting a Trails Illustrated (National Geographic) Map for Rocky Mountain National Park. This plastic waterproof top map contains all the hiking trails as well as backcountry sites in the park.

2. Decide if you want to move from site to site OR stay put and dayhike from your basecamp.

3. Call RMNP backcountry office at (970)586-1242 for additional information. Be able to answer the following questions:
•What dates and how many nights out
•What is your purpose- one night out with the kids, fishing, climbing a nearby peak etc.
•What is the ability of the weakest member of your party

4. Check what you have at home and plan for what you’ll need to purchase or rent.

5. E-mail us for reservations of rental equipment. All the rest we have available to purchase in our store including: stoves, fuel, freeze-dried food, clothing, water filters etc. We are also conveniently located for easy pick-up and drop-off, only one mile outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. You can also pick up gear the afternoon prior to departure.


Rocky Mountain National Park works on a permit camping system for the backcountry. This means that you can’t just camp anywhere, but must obtain a permit for your dates and particular sites.

Don’t let this deter you. Believe me, it makes it much easier to plan your trip due to the following:

•You won’t be searching all day for a campsite. Your permit will guarantee a site that is flat, beautiful and has access to water.
•Your site will be yours alone.
•You will know the mileages between sites as well as the elevation gain, making it easier to plan your trip and your day.
•The permit system ensures that backpackers are spread out and the number of people in the park limited- making your experience more enjoyable.
•The backcountry office knows where you are- a comforting thought in case of emergency.